Tasteful Manners Culinary - Youth Programming

10 Week Session Beginning September 25th, 2023

Mini Chefs, Ages 4-7
Wednesdays, 5pm

Top Chefs, Ages 8-12
Wednesdays, 6pm

$35 Resident | $50 Non Resident

Cooking Classes/Social Etiquette

Cooking classes give rise to a world of discovery for children: the rich aromas of freshly ground spices, the brilliant colors of purple potatoes, red bell peppers, and golden mangos; the fascination of cranking fettuccine through a pasta machine, learning that yeast is alive, and hearing the pop!

Food has the amazing power to engage, transform, excite, and unite a group of students.

Nearly fifteen years of cooking experience in schools has shown that providing elementary school students with a positive, fun experience with food increases the likelihood that they will try and enjoy those foods. In cooking classes, students work together to prepare dishes, learning in the process that new and culturally diverse foods can be both tasty and nutritious.