Map of Parks and Facilities

Parks and Facilities

Blackburn Park Bensley Avenue and 143rd Street Shelter / Pavilion, Basketball (Half Court), Playground, Softball, Picnic Area, Creek / River
Burnham School 13945 Greenbay Avenue Playground, Softball
Cleveland Park Campbell Avenue and Cleveland Avenue Playground
Cottage Park Manistee Avenue and 141st Street Shelter / Pavilion, Basketball (Half Court), Playground, Picnic Area
Hoxie Tot Lot Hoxie Avenue and 139th Street Playground, Creek / River
Lawhead Park Marquette Avenue and 145th Street Playground
Lincoln School Park Freeland Avenue and 156th Place Playground
Pulaski Park Wentworth Avenue and Pulaski Road Shelter / Pavilion, Parking, Picnic Area
The Park Condominiums 100 Park Ave Playground
Watertank Park Mackinaw Avenue and Stewart Avenue Playground
Burnham Park Greenbay Avenue and 138th Place Basketball (Half Court), Playground, Skate Park, Softball, Creek / River
Commissioners Park Exchange Avenue and Wilson Avenue Restrooms, Shelter / Pavilion, Parking, Playground, Skate Park, Softball, Volleyball - sand, Picnic Area
Egan Park Schrum Road and Shirley Drive Playground, Volleyball - sand, Picnic Area, Trails (miles)
Riverfront Park Clyde Ave and East 166th Place Football, Frisbee Golf, Playground, Canoe Launch, Trails (miles), Creek / River
Downey Park Jeffery Ave and Stewart Ave Recreation Building, Shelter / Pavilion, Basketball (Half Court), Baseball, Parking, Playground, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball - hard court
Finneran Park Lincoln Avenue and Freeland Avenue Concessions, Recreation Building, Restrooms, Shelter / Pavilion, Parking, Playground, Pool, Splash Pad, Volleyball - sand, Picnic Area
Memorial Park 612 Wentworth Ave Concessions, Recreation Building, Restrooms, Shelter / Pavilion, Baseball, Batting Cage, Bocce Ball, Football, Golf Driving Cage, Miniture Golf, Parking, Playground, Softball, Splash Pad, Volleyball - hard court, Picnic Area
Sandridge Community Center 600 Oglesby Avenue Recreation Building, Shelter / Pavilion, Parking, Playground, Pool, Softball, Picnic Area, Trails (miles)
Superior Street Complex Superior Avenue and 155th Street Concessions, Restrooms, Baseball, Parking, Playground, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Prairie / Native Vegetation
Veterans Park Burnham Avenue and 165th Street Restrooms, Shelter / Pavilion, Baseball, Basketball (Half Court), Football, Parking, Playground, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball - hard court, Creek / River
Burnham Greenway Calumet City
Family Fun Center 612 Wentworth Ave Miniture Golf, Splash Pad, Batting Cage, Golf Driving Cage, Concessions
Superior Street Prairie Calumet City
Finneran Pool Lincoln Avenue and Freeland Avenue Concessions, Pool, Splash Pad
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